VR Huddle Room

 The first non-gaming VR store in Sydney is right here on the Northern Beaches!

We are located within the community, providing opportunity for all to access, experience and learn virtual reality.  Creating a place to explore and engage with VR for education, business and home life.

Our aim is to engage with our local community,  provide VR learning & activities, setting up activations for an inclusive user experience. 

Did you know that virtual reality...

Virtual Reality for an inclusive user experience

Virtual Reality Activation Bookings

VR Workshops

Workshops for students aged 10+ 

Available at VR Huddle Room location 

VR Exhibition Events

Include us in your EVENT!  We'll set up a VR Huddle for your expo. Send us your event details and we'll let you know how it works.

VR Functions

Team meetings or social organisations

Contact us

0431 208 526    


6 / 18 Aubreen StreetCollaroy Plateau 2097, NSW